Talk about an ideal house: hãy nói về một ngôi nhà lý tưởng
At first when I thought of purchasing a house, I wanted one that was neither too far nor too near a town. If it was too far, I may feel lonely and then, there was the question of transport. Finally, I chose an elevated, land enabling easy drainage and firm. The site is spacious allowing ground for the house and a decent big garden. I wanted an elegant look for the house I intended to build.

The house has four rooms with a well-furnished kitchen and modern bathroom facilities. The living rooms are comfortable. The furniture has been chosen with great care. The walls have been painted with soft colors to match the curtains, the materials of which had been bought from the best textile manufacturing company. Each room is fitted with a radio so that one can enjoy programs from the bed. The drawing room is elegantly furnished with sofas, chairs and a central table. The walls are lined with built-in cupboards, a library to house well-chosen volumes by master novelists. There is a niche for the television and the room can be used for viewing programs. All the rooms are airy and air-conditioned.

The kitchen is beautifully done up. It is fitted with electric grills and things can be stacked neatly away in specially designed cabinets. It is provided with modern gadgets for grinding, pulverizing or cutting.

In front of the house there is an artificial pool with a fountain spray. One or two fish tanks are kept in the big porch to add the beauty of the place. There is a garage at the side of the house for my car, cattle and poultry. There I keep a few fowls of the high breed like the white leg horn, Black Monorca, and Rhode Island from which I get a supply of eggs and meat. I have two jersey cows in the shed which supply the milk for the family. In the backyard there are a few fruit bearing trees. On the margin of the house, there are some coconut trees. In front of the house there are certain bushes of croton and exotic plants. The well-kept lawn with luscious green grass is very pleasing to the eye. There is also a small playground for my children with a swing.

I have a couple of chandeliers in the drawing room showing rainbow colored lights whenever light falls on them. I could specially mention the marble Buddha I got from Sian and a bronze Nataraja from India. There are a few selected pictures by masters in gilded frames.

Thus I am surrounded by beauty and peace

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